Selvedge Denim x Hanada Leather L type Zip Wallet

  • Selvedge Denim x Hanada Leather L type Zip Wallet


Selvedge Denim x Hanada Leather L type Zip Wallet


Selvedge denim woven on a low-speed shuttle loom is washed once with water, the design pursues a texture that fits in the hand and a convenient size for daily use. In addition, a functional design with a «gusset» on one side of the L zip and a pocket for coins in the middle. More you use it, more it fits in your hand and become part of your everyday life.

W175 x H95 x D18 mm

Sukumo leather uses techniques handed down by multiple master craftsmen. The farmers (ai-shi) produce the natural dyes made from fermented indigo leaves, following more than 600 years of Japanese dyeing tradition. The dyers (some-shi) use proprietary indigo dyeing techniques to create beautiful natural indigo leather, and the tanners use Japanese technologies and artisanal skills. The indigo leather is tanned with indigo leaves using ancient methods practised by tanners in Tatsuno, Hyogo. We use only high-quality hides to create our full grain, natural indigo-dyed leather. Some natural imperfections may be visible.

Selvedge denim from Ibara, Okayama: proof of the popularity of its exceptional weave and worn effect. Selvedge denim from Ibara, Okayama is so popular, it is not easy to come by: there is said to be a six month lead time. To weave selvedge denim takes about five times as long as it does to weave ordinary denim cloth, because it is woven on a vintage shuttle loom. Only a few vintage shuttle looms remain, even in Japan. Through the meticulous attention of the weavers, the quality is extremely high, and as the fabric is only single width (about 80cm), which is about half the width commonly used today (about 150cm), this is a scarce and costly material. The untreated denim fabric is washed once in water to create its unique uneven, bumpy feel. This is a high-quality material with a beguiling faded character, in which you can feel the handiwork of the craftspeople.

Nubuck goatskin with a natural look, highly resistant to abrasion. To unify the tactile feel of the materials, both inside and outside the wallets, we have used the softer reverse side of the nubuck goatskin, rather than the grain side. Over time, the natural oils from your hands will produce a beautiful shine through use The special qualities of the goatskin itself are its characteristic pebblelike grain and distinctive configuration of pores. Because of its thinness, strength and resistance to losing its shape, goatskin is often used in high-end leather gloves and name-brand leather shoes. It is very supple and durable, so it is also frequently found in wearable items and jackets. It is known to have been used by the U.S. Air Force for the M-422 flight jackets.


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