Bluestone Dark Shoe Cream

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Bluestone Dark Shoe Cream


From the love for natural indigo-dyed leather, a deep affection arises: the desire to protect its authentic feel. Developed exclusively by Bluestone, the shoe cream for Bluestone Sneakers. This is a dye-based cream which maintains the texture and the allure of indigo-dyed leather; with its superior ability to penetrate into the leather, it is possible to adjust the hue by applying multiple coats and correct the colour with a natural finish. This shoe cream is not limited to shoes; it may also be used to care for other natural indigo-dyed small leather goods by Bluestone, to foster an even more enduring connection.

This natural indigo-dyed leather shoe cream is not just for use on shoes. The Light cream is best for ai (indigo) leather, and the Dark cream is best for asagi (light blue) leather. Of course, this is a cream which may be applied in multiple layers to adjust the shade of the leather, so it may be used regardless of how dark the original shade of the leather is. However, please note that if you use this product on non-indigo-dyed, common types of leather, it is not likely to achieve a good result.
1. Dye-based shoe cream
It is possible to colour-correct with a natural feel, without detracting from the charm of the indigo-dyed leather.
2. Unlike pigment-based shoe creams, it does not leave residue onthe surface of the leather and does not require a cleaning product to remove.
3. It is possible to adjust the colour by repeatedly applying coats of cream.

1. First of all, gently stir the indigo-dyed leather shoe cream. Since the cream is soft, stirring it in moderation gives it a more uniform consistency which means that it can be more easily absorbed into the leather.
2. On a soft cloth, take a moderate amount of leather cream, and gently stroke it onto the surface of the leather in a circular motion. The soft, translucent cream will soak deep into the leather.
3. Please take care to adjust the colouras desired, while applying multiple coats. Please note that immediately after the cream soaks in, it may appear as if there is a stain or yellowish discoloration where the cream was applied, but do not be concerned, as this should disappear as the moisture content dries out over time and the colour adheres.
4. Repeat the application, checking the overall colour balance. When done, allow the cream to dry properly in a well-ventilated area before use. Also, if any shoe cream gets onto the outsole, use a commonly available white eraser to apply moderate friction to remove the stain on the sole.

Wax, organic solvent, dye, vegetable oil
Type: Indigo dyed leather cream



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